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Gooseberry Planet | Safer Internet Day

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Welcome to our e-safety quiz!

With everyone's minds on e-safety lately, test your knowledge to find out how much you really know about online safeguarding.

It's short and quick - just 5 questions

Good luck (and no googling)! ;)

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1. What is the most popular platform 8-17 year-olds are using to chat?
2. What is the UK-wide percentage of 5-7 year-olds who have an internet-enabled device in their bedrooms?
3. What is the legal age of consent to any sexual activity and what is the legal age for sharing a sexual image (assuming that both parties consented to taking and sharing the picture) in the UK?
4. How high is the percentage of parents in the UK who want their school to help them and their children when it comes to online safety?
5. How many 18-24 year-olds were Snapchat users in January 2018 in the UK?