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Linux+ Practice Quiz: LX0-103 Quiz 16

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. You need to install the package Which commands will perform the installation? (Choose two)
2. You need the YUM utility to check specific URLs for RPM repositories. Where should you add the URLs? (Choose two)
3. Which yum option displays whether updates are available for RPM packages?
4. You have a tape archive mounted in /dev/rmt12. You need to get a list of the file contents. Which command will list the contents?
5. You have a SCSI tape drive st0. You want to backup the contents of /var/oracle. Which command will perform the backup?
6. You need to backup Jane's files in her /home/user/jane directory. Which command will create an archive in the /root directory? (Choose two)
7. During the Linux installation process you are asked to choose the file system type for your partitions. Which is the most common Linux file system to choose?
8. You are assembling a workstation. The system requirements show that this system will be used primarily to store documents of small size. What is the best Linux file system to install?
9. Which of these Linux file systems support journaling? (Choose three)
10. You have successfully partitioned the forth hard drive into 2 primary partitions. You need to format the second partition with the ext3 file system. Which command will work?
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