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HSC Subsidized Membership Program

HSC is happy to announce a one-year subsidized membership program for a select group of nonprofit human services organizations led by women with a special focus on women of color. HSC would like to thank The New York Women's Foundation for their generous support of this program. 

This program will support 75% of an organization's membership dues for one year although exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for organizations with very small budgets. Organizations will be selected for this program with an eye towards diversity in terms of organizational size, geographic location, and services provided.  

As a member of this program, organizations will receive:
  • Access to trainings focused on managing City and State contracts and understanding the opportunities and risks associated with government business 
  • Trainings in advocacy and lobbying
  • Networking and other learning opportunities 
HSC’s mission is to strengthen New York’s nonprofit human services sector, ensuring all New Yorkers, across diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and generations reach their full potential. We act as the intermediary between the nonprofit sector and government agencies, proposing and advocating for policies and legislation that will move us toward a system of funding human services in which rates cover actual costs, indirect expenses are fully funded and recognized as a critical support to direct programming, payments from government are made on time, and nonprofits are given more autonomy to make decisions about spending and programmatic approach.

HSC is the voice of the human services sector and seeks to ensure we adequately represent the vast and diverse entities that collectively serve New York’s communities. Members of HSC’s network have the opportunity influence our organization’s decision-making at all levels and it’s important that the voices are diverse in every respect.

We encourage all organizations interested in this program to apply.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jason Wu at
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