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Science Based Targets for Financial Institutions-Call for Roadtesting Applications

Science-based targets are GHG emissions reduction targets that are consistent with the level of decarbonization that, according to climate science, is required to keep global temperature increase within 1.5 to 2ºC compared to pre-industrial temperature levels. 

The Science Based Targets initiative is developing target-setting methods for financial institutions to align with the ambition of the Paris Agreement, using an asset-class specific approach to link their investment and lending portfolios with climate pathways. Navigant and the 2° Investing Initiative are providing technical support on method development. The project audience includes universal banks, pension funds, insurance companies, and public financial institutions.  

Participation from the financial sector in the development process is crucial to ensure the method's practicality and validity. You are invited to apply to road test and provide feedback on the draft target-setting methods. Feedback from road testers will inform the final methods and framework. Please note that financial institutions are not required to publicly commit to the SBT to participate in road-testing.

We are seeking institutional and geographic balance among road testers, and will notify applicants whether they are invited to move forward with road testing by the end of March. 

Road testers are expected to:

  • Successfully complete road testing within ten (10) weeks. Road testing is estimated to take 8 to 40 hours per method. 
  • Submit target modeling results for each asset class. These will be held in confidence. Road testers may share only as much information about their modeling results as they wish and are not required to publicly state their participation. 
  • Provide detailed feedback on practicality and robustness of methods.
  • Participate in a workshop or webinar to discuss the practicality of the methods.
  • Consider developing examples or brief case studies for inclusion in the final framework.

We will provide the following resources:

  • Road testing instructions during a recorded webinar.
  • Ad hoc support throughout road testing process.
  • List of data providers and tools.
  • Summary of road testing feedback.

The deadline to apply has been extended to Friday, March 29th. Contact Chendan Yan at with questions and visit our project homepage for more information.

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5. Have you assessed the GHG emissions of your investment and lending portfolios?
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6. Has your organization committed to/plan to commit to setting a SBT? *This question is required.