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Chinese Food & Wine Tasting: A Fresh Approach

Taste the Wines, then Try Them with 5 Different Dishes

Join the experiment by filling in this form as you taste. This app works well on mobile devices so every participant can do rate the wines on their own phone. Chinese meals are not served in courses, or not in courses as we know them. But for the purposes of a wine tasting, it makes sense to serve dishes one at a time, tasting each of the wines with each dish and rating them before moving on to the next.

For much more information and an example of a paper scoring sheet, please visit our blog here. We made reusable placemats by having our design copied at the local copy shop (on US legal-size paper) and then fitting each one into a plastic sleeve. This made it possible to slip a menu in for the event, too, yet have mats we could wipe off and use next time. Download a print-ready file for the wine-glass placemat.

We would love to have your suggestions for dishes (with recipes, if possible) and improvements to the methodology. Write to

1. Rate the wines before you start eating (you may drink water or have a bite of plain rice between wines).
Space Cell Wine 1Wine 2Wine 3Wine 4Wine 5
Rating 1-5 stars (5 is top)
2. Rate the wine and food combination (5 means "Excellent together," 1 means "Never again," and the X means " Clear my answer & start over."
Space Cell Wine 1Wine 2Wine 3Wine 4Wine 5
Mild (e.g., Velvet Fish with Woodear Mushrooms)
Savory (e.g., simple jiaozi/dumplings with garlic and ginger)
Umani (e.g., dark chicken stew with mushrooms)
Spicy (with chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns)
Sweet: (e.g., General Tso's Chicken)