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Brussels 2019 Event Registration

This form is for registration to the 2019 Brussels Conference on Parenting Options for European Gay MenThe conference will take place over two days on Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 at The Hotel in Brussels.  

The early bird cost is €40 (instead of €50 starting September 7th) per person for both days.
This is a heavily subsidized rate and includes two meals. Please note that professionals and sponsors/exhibitors pay a higher rate.

Attendees will benefit from peer advice, expert guidance, and the opportunity to meet clinics, agencies and community organizations at the resource fair, in breakout sessions, and private consultations. Your advance registration and payment will allow us to send you updates on the event's agenda, details about sign-up for optional consultations, etc. It will also speed up your sign-in on the day of the event.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will be prompted to pay after you register.  If you do not pay in advance, we can NOT hold a space for you at this event.
Please WAIT for payment confirmation, then press "Submit" to complete your registration. 
1. Are you a: *This question is required.Please select the option that best explains your primary reason for attending this conference.
Failure to accurately represent the purpose of your participation in the conference may result in denial of entry without refund. 
Please include details about your organization, position, and even a URL to your organization. Failure to include this information could result in your access into our event being denied.
Are you currently a member of one of the following organizations?
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Professionals can choose between two types of tickets:
  1. 300 each for full two-day admission, including entry to the surrogacy expo (Saturday) and the Friday night welcome reception for professionals. This package is ideal for networking as well as educational purposes.
  2. 130 each for two-day admission to the presentations, panels and breakout sessions only. This level is suitable for those whose primary purpose is education. 
If you need tickets of both kinds, or if you need more than 4 tickets, you need to complete the form twice. 
Tickets for sponsors are €130 each. This form allows you to pay for up to 4 tickets. If you need more than 4 tickets, you need to complete the form twice. 
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