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Richardton Community Questionnaire

6. Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with each of the following statements about the City of Richardton
Space Cell AgreeNeutralDisagree
There is an adequate supply of well-built and well maintained housing choices
More single family detached homes are needed
More single-family attached homes are needed (town homes, duplexes, etc.)
More multiple-family homes are needed (apartment buildings)
I’m comfortable with a variety of home types (separate and attached) being mixed within the same neighborhood
Neighborhoods should include sidewalks and trails when they are built
7. What’s your most common way of traveling within the city?
8. Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements about Richardton’s parks and trails or pathways:
Space Cell AgreeNeutralDisagree
City parks meet my and or my family’s routine recreational needs
City parks are well maintained
The community is easily and safely accessible on foot
9. Are there specific park amenities/features would you like to see? If yes, please list your top two or three in the Comments box.
10. Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with each of the following statements about Richardton:
Space Cell AgreeNeutralDisagree
Streets in Richardton are well maintained
City utility services (water, sewer) are adequate and well maintained
Police services are well managed and adequately provided
Fire/life safety are well managed and adequately provided
There is good cooperation between Richardton and neighboring communities
11. As Richardton’s businesses’ continue to thrive and grow they need to attract employees. What things would help attract people to want to work and raise a family in Richardton? (check all that apply)
12. Richardton’s Business District
Space Cell AgreeNeutralDisagree
Business District has a range of shops, services, and eating and drinking establishments to meet my daily needs
Business District is safe
Business District has the potential to be a more useful place and attractive place
Business District is important to Richardton’s future success
Business District is worth investing in