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IPIC 2019 – Member Survey

General Sessions + Activities

1. The following sessions and activities contributed to my wild success - as an IPIC participant, IPI member, or a business professional. (Or it was just a fun activity that added to my overall experience.) *This question is required.
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Sunday + Thursday EPIC Pool Days
Print Quality Test
Sunday First-Time Participant Orientation
Sunday Welcome Dinner @ Studio B Seafood Buffet
Live Learning General Sessions (overall)
Supplying Partner Rapid Rounds (overall)
Supplying Partner Trade Show (overall)
Monday Instawalk Excursion
Tuesday Meet Your Board
Tuesday Group Photo
Tuesday Appreciation Dinner @ Celebrity Cars with Distillery Tasting
Wednesday World Café User Groups
Wednesday Lunch Mix-Up
Wednesday Keynote Speaker Michelle Johnson
Wednesday The Print Refinery™ Unplugged
Wednesday EPIC After Party Beer Tasting + Raffle
Wednesday Farewell Dinner @ Studio B Seafood Buffet