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Metro Tunnel - Rail Infrastructure Alliance Development Plan - Western Portal


Have your say on the draft RIA Western Portal Development Plan

The Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA) will build the tunnel entrances in Kensington (Western Portal) and South Yarra (Eastern Portal), including the construction of a cut-and-cover tunnel, decline structure and track work to tie in the Metro Tunnel with the existing rail line.

The draft RIA Western Portal Development Plan sets out required surface works to deliver the western tunnel entrance to enable Sunbury line trains to travel via the new Metro Tunnel and connect with the Cranbourne / Pakenham lines.

These works include:
  • a widened rail corridor, including retaining walls and lineside fencing
  • a portal and decline structure north of the existing railway corridor
  • a cut and cover tunnel to the north of the existing railway corridor
  • a flood wall and embankments
  • reinstated roads, including Childers Street, footpaths, pavement and car parking
  • track and civil infrastructure works, including traction power and overhead infrastructure
  • bike paths
  • creation of public space at 135 Ormond Street as part of the redesigned station entry and station forecourt, and
  • landscaping.
The plan also describes the response to the Urban Design Strategy and relevant Environmental Performance Requirements, as defined in the Metro Tunnel Environmental Management Framework.

The draft Western Portal Development Plan only pertains to RIA works at the Western Portal. Other works in the Western Portal have already undergone a planning approval process and are not affected by this plan.

The Minister for Planning must approve the draft RIA Western Portal Development Plan before works covered in the Plan may commence.

The draft RIA Western Portal Development Plan is available here.

Feedback is invited on the Plan from Monday 4 February 2019 until 5pm, Friday 22 February 2019

Scope of feedback

Anyone may provide feedback on the draft RIA Western Portal Development Plan during the public display and comment period.
Please note, comments that relate to activities which are not included in the Development Plan scope will not be addressed as part of the review process.

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Further assistance

If you have any questions about this survey or about the project generally, you can contact us by calling 1800 105 105 or email  or visit the project website.