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Graduate Leadership Programme - Employer Interest 19/20

Ulster University are inviting employers to apply to recruit a graduate intern through the University's graduate Internship programme, the Graduate Leadership Programme, (GLP).

Employers can recruit July 2020 graduates for a six month internship, commencing 14th September 2020 to 12th March 2021. Graduate interns will receive a £6,600 bursary and have their postgraduate fees fully paid, to enable them to complete the compulsory professional qualification: The Postgraduate Certificate in Graduate Leadership.  

GLP allows you to recruit a graduate with specific skills and knowledge to contribute the most up to date research and development knowledge and understanding directly into you business.

The cost to employers starts at £5,500

  • Employers must be based in Northern Ireland and can be from any sector.
  • Employers should provide graduate level internship which can lead to longer-term employment.
  • Employers must provide a graduate level 'Project' to be completed. 
  • Employers must engage in the professional development of the graduate intern and support their completion of the postgraduate qualification
If you are interested,please complete this form to formally submit your expression of interest to include job title, job description and project details.  A list of the Terms and Conditions are at the bottom of this form for your reference.  Once you complete this interest form, a member of staff will contact you to discuss the recruitment process. 

Please note that we usually receive a high number of expressions of interest and have limited capacity

The Graduate Leadership Programme is targeting graduates primarily from Faculty Arts Humanities and Social Science, (AHSS) An example of specific programmes below:
    • BSc Hons English
    • BSc Hons History
    • BSc Psychology
    • BA Hons Interactive Media
    • BA Hons Media Studies & Production
    • BSc Hons Consumer Management & food innovation
    • BSc Hons Environmental Science
    • BSc Hons Biology
    • BSc Hons Sport Studies
    • BSc Hons Physical Activity Exercise & Health
    • BSc Hons Cinematic Arts
    • BSc Hons Creative Technologies
    • BSc Hons Advertising
    • BSc Drama
    • BMus Music
    • BA Hons Irish Language and Literature
    • BSc Hons Business Studies with Options
    • BSc Hons Sociology
    • BSc Hons Politics
    • BSc Hons Communication wt Counselling
    • BSc Hons Communication wt Advertising
    • BSc Hons Language & Linguistics
    • BSc Hons Health & Social Care Policy
    • BDes Contemporary Applied Art
    • BDes Interior Design
    • BA Hons Photography
    • BDes Animation


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Terms and conditions:
Internship partners successful in recruiting graduates will agree to the following:
  1. To provide graduate level employment with an associated job title and description to enable graduate interns to meet the requirements of the Graduate Leadership Programme and the Postgraduate Certificate in Graduate Leadership through an internship for the period 14th September 2020 to 12th March 2021.
  2. To co-operate with Ulster University in a fair recruitment process to select a successful graduate intern.
  3. To pay Ulster University the applicable fee (£5500 or £8500 depending on level of funding agreed), fully paid prior to the graduate starting their internship, which will pay for course fees and contribute to bursary payments.
  4. To identify a graduate level 'Project' and support the graduate intern to complete this project and other academic commitments associated with the Postgraduate Certificate in Graduate Leadership; permitting graduate interns to attend on-campus workshops on 4/5 occasions throughout the duration of the programme.
  5. To provide a workplace induction during the first week of the internship outlining hours of attendance; support arrangements; Health and Safety regulations; sickness and absence procedures; disciplinary and grievance procedures and holiday entitlement in line with other employees.
  6. To ensure that an appropriately experienced mentor is provided for the graduate intern for the duration of the internship to monitor their performance and undertake regular progress/appraisal meetings in order to enable development of professional skills.
  7. To permit Ulster University staff to visit the graduate intern at any stage throughout the duration of the programme.
  8. To fully insure graduate interns. Internship providers must give evidence of Employer's Liability Insurance to a minimum level of £5million and Public Liability Insurance to a minimum level of £2million.
  9. To provide a safe working environment and to comply with all Health and Safety regulations and to report to the University any accidents or ill-health arising from work, involving the graduate intern.
  10. To not commit any act of discrimination rendered unlawful by the Sex Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Orders 1976 and 1989 or the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 or the Race Relations (NI) Order 1997 or any enactments amending, extending or replacing the same.
  11. To protect the rights of individuals in accordance with the provisions of DPA 2018 and application of the GDPR.
  12. To agree ownership of any Intellectual Property (IP) arising from the internship resides with the employer; the graduate intern may seek rights to use IP to continue research based on project work undertaken for non-commercial purposes..
  13. To commit to the following regulations in relation to the termination of an internship:
  • In the event of a graduate intern leaving the programme for personal reasons or due to disciplinary action within the first twelve weeks of an internship, internship providers will be entitled to a pro-rata refund after course fee & student bursary payments to date have been deducted.
  • In the event of a graduate intern leaving the programme for personal reasons or due to disciplinary action after completing twelve weeks of the internship, internship providers will not be entitled to a refund.