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Corporate Self-Assessment Survey


An Invitation: 

You are invited to take part in America’s Warrior Partnership’s Corporate Self-Assessment because you expressed an interest in a corporate veteran program for your employees.

An effective corporate veteran program is vital in hiring and retaining valuable veteran employees in order to alleviate the usual challenges:

Turnover – Nearly half of all veterans leave their first post-military job within a year. Only 20% stay in their first non-military job for more than two years. Employers are losing talent that is difficult and expensive to replace. Replacing an employee costs a company 33% of a typical employee’s annual salary and benefits. 

Recruitment – Veterans are sought-after employees due to their loyalty, reliability, integrity, communication skills, and self-discipline, but employers struggle to attract veterans. 

Navigation of Complex Systems – Most corporations are well aware of the complicated nature and substantial number of programs dedicated to assisting military connected employees, but have no centralized organization for connecting them to the network of resources.  

Lack of Awareness – Employment Assistance Programs and internal resources are often not aware of the specific needs veterans have and therefore overlook reaching out to them to meet these needs.

Self-identification – Without an incentive to self-identify, veterans are not making their military service known to employers, making it difficult for employers to report for regulatory guidelines.

Veterans desire careers and corporations are seeking valuable veteran employees.  The opportunity exists in every workplace to develop a veteran-friendly culture, where veterans flourish, and corporations thrive.