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Rhode Island STEAM Education Leader Award Application

Application Form


The Rhode Island STEAM Center @ Rhode Island College, in collaboration with the Office of Governor Gina Raimondo, the Rhode Island Department of Education, and Vertikal6, will recognize an outstanding educator with the 2019 Rhode Island STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts + design, Mathematics) Education Leader Award for contributions to STEAM education in the classroom, district, state, or community.

STEAM education adds arts + design (A) to the traditional science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. STEAM acknowledges the important role design thinking and creativity pay in innovative solutions to problems and in the development of new ideas.  

The inclusion of arts + design within STEAM:
•    Represents an expanded view of exploration and discovery;
•    Provides additional ways of perceiving, interacting, and understanding the world; and
•    Combines the freethinking and flexible processes of creativity with the structural frameworks of critical thinking.

Rhode Island needs STEAM-literate students who will be able to understand, participate, and contribute fully to a changing society.  STEAM education will provide students with the ability to understand and critically evaluate the interconnected role of science, technology, engineering, arts + design, and mathematics in today’s world.  


The Rhode Island Education Leader award includes:
•    A certificate of recognition from the Office of the Governor of Rhode Island.
•    Inclusion in print and online promotional materials.
•    A cash award of $1,000 to the recipient for use in the classroom.

REQUIREMENTS - Who can apply?

Applicant must be a full-time, licensed K-12 teacher at a public school in Rhode Island who has at least 3 years of experience teaching (the 2018-2019 school year may count as one of those years).  A team of two teachers may apply if lessons involve collaboration between teachers.  (This could be lessons taught between two different classrooms or collaborative team teaching.)  Each team member must meet all requirements and if selected, will receive half of the cash award. The winner(s) must be able to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the RI STEAM Education Leader (see below).


February 1, 2019               Application process opens to all teachers in Rhode Island public schools.
February 28, 2019             Application process closes at 11:59PM.
Week of March 15, 2019    Award recipient chosen by Review Committee.
Week of March 18, 2019    Award recipient notified.
Week of March 25, 2019    Award recipient is announced through pubic event


Teachers may self-nominate or may be nominated by a fellow teacher, principal, or school district leader.  If self-nominating, please complete this application form.  If nominating a teacher, please complete this nomination form.  Nominated teachers will receive an email inviting them to complete an online application.  More than one teacher may be nominated by the same person. There is no preference for teachers who self-nominate or are nominated by someone else.


The STEAM Education Leader will be evaluated on a lesson that exemplifies STEAM education.  The lesson should address as many of the criteria below as possible:
•    Increase awareness of the interconnected roles of STEAM in today’s society;
•    Introduce fundamental concepts and knowledge in each area;
•    Make connections between students’ lives and STEAM;
•    Provide ways for student to critically evaluate STEAM content as it relates to contemporary issues;
•    Connect to what students are learning in other disciplines;
•    Create a learning experience for ALL students from all demographics, backgrounds and ability levels;
•    Identify assessment measures.


The STEAM Education Leader will be asked to work with the Rhode Island STEAM Center to participate in two professional development workshop – dates TBD – to highlight innovative STEAM practices and pedagogy.  The awarding lesson will also be made available to the public through the website of the STEAM Center.


The Rhode Island STEAM Center serves as a central educational hub and statewide resource focused on building partnerships, advocating for increased STEAM literacy, and promoting and implementing research-based practices.  

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Carol M. Giuriceo
Rhode Island STEAM Center @ Rhode Island College

11. Grade Level *This question is required.
13. Total Years of Teaching Experience (including this current school year)? *This question is required.

Please include the name and contact information for references. This person may be a colleague, principal, former educator, parent/caregiver of a current or former student or community partner that can speak to your (or teams’) work as a STEAM leader within the state.
Essay: Please respond to the following in a brief essay not to exceed one page, single spaced, 12pt font with 1-inch margins.

Please include your name, school, and grade you teach in the header.

23. How does the lesson you are submitting demonstrate your philosophy around STEAM education? *This question is required.
Lesson Plan
24. Please upload your lesson plan.  You may use any template for submission but please identify the grade level(s). *This question is required.
25. Please upload  your resume. *This question is required.
26. I agree that all provided information may be shared with the Rhode Island STEAM center. *This question is required.
27. I agree that the submitted lesson plan (whether I am selected as the awardee or not)  may be incorporated into an online database on the Rhode Island STEAM Center website, for the purpose of being shared with other educators across the state to highlight best practices.  (Appropriate acknowledgement including your name and school will be given.) *This question is required.
28. I agree that, if selected, I am willing to participate in two professional development workshops. *This question is required.
29. I would like to be added to the Rhode Island STEAM Center mailing list. *This question is required.
30. Even if I am not selected, I would like to be a part of the Rhode Island STEAM Center’s effort to bring STEAM educators together across the state to exchange ideas and share best practices. *This question is required.