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FVIII and FIX Therapy Sample Sets

Introduction and Background

For individuals with hemophilia, accurate testing of factor VIII (hemophilia A) or factor IX (hemophilia B) is required for optimal care. Many different treatment products are available for hemophilia and with some therapies there are differences in recovered FVIII or FIX values based on the type of factor activity assay employed (clot-based versus chromogenic).  Additionally, among clot-based assays there can sometimes be discrepancies in the value recovered depending on the reagents and analyzer used.

Precision BioLogic has several active initiatives with pharmaceutical partners who seek to ensure that the diagnostic implications for their novel therapeutic agents have been well-characterized. We have provided drug-spiked sample sets for various field studies examining FVIII and FIX quantification. The purpose of this survey is to understand if there might be wider interest from clinical laboratories in a set of plasmas with added hemophilia A or hemophilia B drug.

The survey should take approximately five minutes to complete.