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ClearView Fiduciary Alliance 2019 Investment Fee Study for Foundations, Endowments and Nonprofits

Survey Introduction

Thank you for participating in this Survey. It is intended for foundations, endowments and nonprofit organizations with long-term investment portfolios of $500 million or less. A summary of the Study plan including Background, Objectives, Timeline, and Participation is available at Please note the following: • Respondents may "save and continue" at a later time by clicking on the Save and Continue button at the top of each page in the Survey. • ClearView will not share or disclose the specific responses provided by respondents to this Survey with any third-parties, for any reason. • ClearView will not share or disclose the identities or contact information of the Survey Respondent Organizations or individuals providing such responses with any third-parties. The collection of this information is, however, necessary to ensure the integrity of the survey. We must be able to verify that duplicate responses are not submitted and that the persons submitting the data are appropriately affiliated with the Organization for which they have responded. • A Study Report will be provided to all respondent Organizations that respond to this Survey. • All Respondents will be invited to participate in a webinar that summarizes the findings of this Survey. • Responses received by June 21st will be included in the Study report.