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EBR Congregation Assessment: Who is Doing What?


THANK YOU for your congregation's presence in our community. East Baton Rouge Parish benefits greatly from people of faith and goodwill who respond to the needs of our community routinely and in times of disaster or emergency.

We need your help to make those efforts even more effective. We want to ensure that we know what resources are available and where gaps exist. We also want to connect congregations to training. So we're asking you to share some information about what your congregation is doing.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that only one individual in each congregation complete this assessment.

If you have any questions, please contact the Interfaith Federation by email ( or phone (225.267.5600).

Rev. Robin McCullough-Bade
Director, Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
1. Which of the following does your congregation do? Please choose all that apply.
2. Please tell us if (a) your organization CURRENTLY DOES each of the following and (b) if you would like training in HOW to do each of these things. PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently doing something on the list AND would like more training, please choose both columns for that item.
Space Cell Your Congregation Does This (Either Routinely OR During Disaster)Your Congregation Would Like Training
Accept donations of clothing or household goods
Distribute donations of clothing or household goods
Provide short-term shelter--less than 6 hours (e.g., after a house fire)
Provide temporary shelter after a disaster
Provide chaplains for community emergencies
Provide licensed and/or trained counselors for the community
Mobilize volunteers from your congregation after a disaster
Host volunteers from outside our local area
Operate a food pantry
Provide meals for those who need them
Provide mentoring
Provide tutoring or "safe space"
Provide adult literacy training
Provide financial literacy training
Provide job training
Provide parenting and/or family help
3. And on the list below, please tell us which of the following your organization currently (a) has and (b) would like to receive additional training.
Space Cell Your Congregation Has ThisYour Congregation Would Like Training
Childcare during the week (e.g., day care or mother's day out)
A school
A commercial kitchen
A large room capable of holding public meetings
A vehicle (van, bus, car, or truck)
Help for individuals with disabilities
Help for individuals dealing with drug and/or alcohol abuse
Help for the elderly
Help for the homeless
Help for prisoners and/or those re-entering the community after incarceration
Health and/or wellness services
Neighborhood clean-up activities
Promotion of peace in our streets and/or community
Promotion of peace with police and/or first responders
4. Are there any other facilities or help that you provide, either regularly or during times of emergency or disaster, or for which you would like training?
Space Cell You Provide ThisYou Would Like Training in This Area
Additional Item
5. How many members does your congregation have?
6. Please give us YOUR title in your congregation AND the contact information and mailing address for YOUR CONGREGATION.