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VIVA Schmidheiny Awards 2018


Thank you for your interest in the sixth edition of the VIVA Schmidheiny Awards!

By applying, you will have the opportunity to be part of our community, to attend the 2018 VIVA Workshop and receive cash prizes for up to USD $15,000 for your social enterprise.

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The VIVA Schmidheiny Awards are named after our founder, Stephan Schmidheiny. They pay tribute to a great businessman and philanthropist whose work in Latin America has supported amazing leaders and entrepreneurs, benefiting millions of people. Today, we would like to meet you, as part of a generation of social entrepreneurs* who are transforming the region.

We reward organizations or companies with proven positive impact in Latin America. We appreciate honesty and hope your answers show transparency.

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* A social entrepreneur is a person who negotiates resources with a diversity of actors in exchange for positive impact. Being a social entrepreneur is not limited to the legal figure of the organization (NGO or company); its impact is at the center of the organization's model and this allows it to obtain resources such as donations, investments, subsidies, income from the sale of products or services, etc.