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Linux+ Practice Quiz: LX0-104 Quiz 16

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. One of your users, Karen Scott, has recently married and is now Karen Jones. She has requested that her username be changed from kscott to kjones, but no other values change. Which of the following commands will accomplish this?
2. You have performed an audit and have found active accounts for employees who no longer work for the company. You want to disable those accounts. What command example will disable a user account?
3. Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of an X font server?
4. You want to customize logging on your system. Which file would you configure to customize the logging?
5. You want to implement remote logfile storage. This means you want one or more of your Linux systems to send all system messages to a remote server. Which description is the most correct?
6. You want to change the information being recorded in the system logs. Which file would you edit to specify what you want to log?
7. Which directory holds most of the system log files?
8. What would be the outcome of the following command?
9. An employee named Bob Smith, with a user name of bsmith, has left the company. You have been instructed by your supervisor to delete his user account along with his home directory.

Which of the following commands would produce the required outcome? (Choose all that apply)
10. A user with an account name of larry has just been terminated from the company. There is good reason to believe that the user will attempt to access and damage the files in the system in the very near future.

Which command below will disable or remove the user account from the system and remove his home directory?
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