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CHBP 2019 Attendee Survey

Purchasing Criteria

1. When choosing to attend Capitol Hill Block Party in the past, which factor was the most important to you? (more stars = more important)
Space Cell The festival’s lineup (music is my passion)The neighborhood (bars, restaurants, shopping)The social atmosphere (dancing with friends, meeting new people)
2. What did you like about the festival lineup? (multiple selections allowed)
3. What do you like about the neighborhood? (multiple selections allowed)
4. Which answer best describes how Block Party resonates with you socially? (multiple selections allowed)
5. Block Party is a locally owned and operated with ties to several local Capitol Hill businesses. How important is this to you?  
6. Do you believe Block Party succeeds in broadcasting its mission of being locally-owned and supporting the neighborhood it resides in?
7. How important is it to you that Block Party actively supports and fundraises for local non-profits?
8. Since 2006, Block Party has raised approximately $180k - $200k for the Seattle community through its non-profit partnerships and community events. How important is this non-profit & community work to you as a customer?
9. Block Party has hired and showcased over 536 local and regional acts since 2012, with 60-70 local and regional musicians on the lineup each year. How important is that to you?
10. Block Party has raised over $300k for the Seattle's Arts Fund and $100k to the Seattle General Fund since 2012 via its admissions tax payments. How important is arts funding to you as a customer?