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Data services custom request form

Data services

Please complete this form if you require custom data, giving as much detail as possible on your requirements and purpose.
Remember, if your data request is fulfilled, you must only use the data in accordance with your stated purpose.

Data requests are currently taking 2-3 weeks to process.

If your request is more complex, we will negotiate timeframes with you.

Restrictions on data access
Access to data will not be granted where there is a reasonable chance of identifying an individual, any lack of data security, or there is an overriding public interest against disclosure. Please note that even aggregate data can identify individuals, if there is a narrow demographic and/or small group sizes. To increase the likelihood that data will be releasable, please focus your request on the attributes that are necessary to answer your research question.

Please remember that external research projects require a 
SERAP ( approval.

Restrictions on data usage
Data may only be used in accordance with the stated purpose given upon request. Publication of data is prohibited unless explicitly agreed to by CESE or another NSW Department of Education entity.

Fee for service
Data requests that serve little public interest, and/or require large amounts of customisation, may incur a fee for service.


For help with this form, or if you have further questions about the data, please email

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