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KHIMA Scholarship to Attend AHIMA Health Data and Information Conference

KHIMA supports the professional development of its members whether in an emerging role or advancement in their career.  KHIMA also supports its members to become active leaders both at an organizational and at a state level.  Because of this support, KHIMA is awarding a scholarship to one of its members to attend the Annual AHIMA Health Data and Information Conference (formerly known as the AHIMA Convention) utilizing money through KHIMA designated funds.  The designated funds for 2019 are $1,700.00.
Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Applicant must be a current Active member of KHIMA/AHIMA and in good standing.
  2. Student members must be KHIMA/AHIMA members that are enrolled in a CAHIIM accredited school.
  3. Current KHIMA Board of Directors are not eligible.

All Applications Must Include:
  1. Completed Application form
  2. Completed mandatory essay questions (see below)
  3. AHIMA Membership ID #

Essay Questions:   
  1. What led to your interest in the health information management profession?
  2. Why are you the ideal candidate for this scholarship?  
  3. How will you use the information learned from the Annual AHIMA conference?

Additional Requirements if Selected to Receive Scholarship:
  1. Recipient must be willing to write an article with content about what they learned and about their Annual AHIMA conference experience.
    • Article to be posted in the KHIMA E-blast within 30 days after attending the meeting.
  2. Recipient must commit to serving on a KHIMA committee for a period of two years, one of which will be served as the Chair or Co-Chair of that committee, after the AHIMA conference.

Other Information:
  1. Applications must be submitted by March 14th.
  2. Application should be submitted electronically and in its entirety in order to be considered eligible.
  3. Questions regarding the application process or the scholarship can be submitted through the KHIMA website.
    • The KHIMA Office Coordinator and/or a designated KHIMA Board member will be responsible to answer or field questions.
  4. Recipient must follow KHIMA expense/reimbursement policies related to travel expenses.
  5. Recipient must submit receipts showing that the monies were exclusively used for expenses incurred at the AHIMA conference.
  6. Any un-used funds will be returned to KHIMA.

Selection Criteria:
  1. Each eligible application will be reviewed and rated by the KHIMA Board of Directors. 
    • Applications will be redacted prior to the KHIMA Board review to maintain anonymity.
  2. The KHIMA Board of Directors will utilize a point system to determine the scholarship recipient. 
    • Applications will be evaluated based on content relativity to question, quality of writing, and professional presentation.
  3. All applicants will be notified of their status no later than one week before the KHIMA Annual meeting.
  4. Award will be presented at the KHIMA Annual meeting.
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