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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-125 Quiz 28

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. You are the network administrator for a medium-sized company that owns a Class C IP address block. You do not have enough registered IP addresses for the 1000 hosts in your network.

You've determined, however, that no more than 20 percent of your hosts use the internet. And the bandwidth you've budgeted cannot support than this number anyway. So you decide to implement NAT and allocate 200 or your registered IP addresses to support external translation.

Which method of NAT translation should you implement?
2. You are the network administrator for a small company that implements NAT to access the Internet. However, you recently acquired 5 servers that must be accessible from outside your network.

Your ISP has provided you with 5 additional registered IP addresses to support these new servers but you don't want the public to access these servers directly. You want to place these servers behind your firewall on the inside network yet still allow them to be accessible to the public from the outside.

Which method of NAT translation should you implement for these 5 servers?
3. You have a small business network with a single subnet connected to the Internet. Your ISP has assigned your router an IP address of for its serial interface. You have chosen to use a network address of on your private network.

You use the SDM interface to configure basic NAT on the router with a single default route to the ISP. What is the most likely result of this configuration?
4. You are the network administrator for a company that has a small block of registered IP addresses ranging from to You want to assign these addresses to a dynamic pool in NAT. Which command should you use?
5. You want to view the feature sets that have been enabled on a router and what type of license they use.

Which commands can you use to do this? (Choose two; each option is a complete solution)
6. You use a Cisco 2900 router in your network. You are considering purchasing and implementing the Unified Communications feature set on this router. However, you would like to evaluate this feature set for a period of time prior to purchasing it.

Which command activates the evaluation right-to-use license for this feature set?
7. You need to enable the Security feature set on a router.

You visited the Cisco website to purchase the feature set and create a product authorization key (PAK). Cisco emailed you a license file (FTX1788948P_201304123432565291.lic), which you copied to a USB drive. You connected the USB drive to the device and now need to install the license.

Which commands should you use to accomplish this? (Choose two; both responses are part of the complete solution)
8. You need to determine whether NetFlow is monitoring inbound and/or outbound traffic on all interfaces in a router.

Which command should you use to do this?
9. You need to determine whether NetFlow is configured to redirect records to a NetFlow collector and, if so, the IP address of the collector.

Which command should you use to do this?
10. You have entered the following command to enable dynamic trunking configuration:

Switch(config-if)#switchport mode dynamic desirable

If the switch interface is not connected to another switch, how will it function?
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