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2019 Autumn ConFest Induction

Landing Page

Before you purchase your ConFest ticket we want to tell you about changes to camping areas and vehicle access for 2019 Autumn ConFest.

Three types of camping are available in designated areas:

Car Free Camping (shaded blue)
Stay-Put Camping (shaded green)
Access Camping (shaded pink)

No camping is permitted in the Car Park (shaded yellow)

Stay-Put Camping is restricted to recreational vehicles, campervans, caravans and roof-top camping vehicles with access only available until 6PM Thursday 18 April and exit from that space not available until 3PM Monday 22 April.

More flexible vehicle camping is available in the easy come and go Access Camping area.

All vehicles in either of Stay-Put Camping or Access Camping areas will require a vehicle permit you can obtain with your tickets.

Click Next to determine if you need a vehicle permit.