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Critical Care Nurses Empowerment

Consent form

Consent form that leads to demographic study
IRB Approved – IRB NUMBER: IRB-2019-742

Grand Canyon University 
College of Doctoral Studies
3300 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ  85017
Phone:  602-639-7804

                                                                                                                                                     INFORMED CONSENT

The title of this research study is, “The Relationship of Structural Empowerment, Job Satisfaction, and Intent to Leave in Critical Care Nursing”. 

      I am Cynthia Kelly, a doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. James Finlayson in the College of Psychology at Grand Canyon University. The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship between the variables of structural empowerment, job satisfaction, and intent to leave. The study is planned to be performed on critical care nurses who work in hospitals throughout the United States. The results of the study may help hospital nurses stay at their job.

                                                                                                                                                     KEY INFORMATION

This document defines the terms and conditions for consenting to participate in this research study.
  •  How do I know if I can be in this study?      
                 o   You are working as a critical care nurse in a United States hospital.
                 o   You are working full-time
  • What am I being asked to do? If you agree to be in this study, you will be asked to:
                 o   What 
                       Participate in the study by completing one demographic questionnaire and three surveys.
                 o   When 
                       Within two weeks of receiving the invitation to participate.
                 o   Where 
                        You will receive a website link that will direct you to Survey Monkey where the surveys will be taken.
                 o   How 
                       •  You will read the complete study description provided to you and will click on each of the four links to each survey.
                       •  Read the complete consent and accept the conditions if you are interested in participating in the study.
                       •  Participate by answering each of the four surveys honestly. The estimated time to take the four surveys is 20 to 25 
                    minutes to complete.
  •  Who will have access to my information?  Myself, and/or, my dissertation committee, and Dean Akers, the Facebook group owner.
Participation is voluntary. However, you can leave the study at any time, even if you have not finished, without any penalty or loss of entitled benefits. If you decide to stop participating, you may stop answering the questions and close the survey. If so, I  will not use the information I gathered from you.
  • Any possible risks or discomforts? There are no known risks associated with this study.
  • Any direct benefits for me? Assist in research to help nurses remain at their jobs.
  • Any paid compensation for my time? No compensation will be provided.
  • How will my information and/or identity be protected?  All information obtained in this study will remain confidential unless required by law. What you say and how you answer the questions cannot be connected to you. The participant's name will not be used, it will be replaced with a code. The information will be kept in a secure, password -protected,  electronic file on the researches desktop. A hardcopy of the information will be kept in a locked filing cabinet. After three years the electronic file will be deleted and the paper file shredded.
                                                                                                                        PRESENTATION OF INFORMATION COLLECTED
  • The results of this research study may be used in reports, presentations, conference, and publications, but the researchers will not be able to identify you. The data will be grouped and may be presented individually.

                                                                                                                                 PRIVACY AND SECURITY
  • As a potential research participant, you understand the privacy policies of social media which are provided to you with this informed consent. A copy of Facebook’s policy statement can be located at 
  • Since the information is collected through social media, complete anonymity cannot be guaranteed.
  • Will researchers ever be able to link my data/responses back to me?  No
  • Will my data include information that can identify me (names, addresses, etc.)? No
  • How will my data be protected (electronic and hardcopy)? Where? How long? Who will have access? Approximate destroy date? The data will be kept for 3 years and then destroyed. The digital data will be deleted and the hard copy shredded.
  • Where and how will the signed consent forms be secured? The consent form will be kept in a separate password-protected computer folder. The hardcopy will also be in a separate folder in a locked file Cabinet. After 3 years, the computer file will be deleted and the cabinet file shredded.
               FUTURE RESEARCH
  • Once identifiers (name and possible address) are removed from these data (identifiable private information) collected for this study, (the de-identified information) could be used for future research studies or distributed to other investigators for future research studies without additional informed consent from you or your legally authorized representative.

    Any questions you have concerning the research study or your participation in the study, before or after your consent, will be answered by Cynthia Kelly, Email: Phone 678-677-3367

    If you have questions about your rights as a subject/participant in this research, or if you feel you have been placed at risk, you can contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board, through the College of Doctoral Studies at; (602) 639-7804.

                                                                                                                              VOLUNTARY CONSENT
  • You have been given an opportunity to read and discuss the informed consent and ask questions about this study;
  • You have been given enough time to consider whether or not you want to participate;
  • You have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to take part in this research study;
  • You understand your participation is voluntary and that you may stop participation at any time without penalty.
By clicking agree you will be directed to the survey. If you do not agree, thanks for your consideration. *This question is required.