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Life Prep Academy Enrollment Application


The Girl Talk Life Prep Academy is an Elite program of Girl Talk, Inc. in which juniors and seniors can apply and interview to participate in a 12-month experience that is both transformational and preparatory for their future. Applicants who apply will have to fulfill certain application requirements and attend 2 rounds of interviews prior to being accepted into the program.

The program will prepare 11th–12th grade girls for college, career, and life, through consecutive monthly sessions, each semester. For High School Juniors, we will cover topics on College and Career exploration and preparation. For High School Seniors, we will cover topics on College LIFE Prep, Career LIFE Prep, and General LIFE Prep (transitioning into becoming an adult, becoming a financially stable adult, finding housing, etc.).

Juniors and Seniors who participate will also have the chance to apply to participate in an 8 week Paid Summer internship to further prepare them for the workforce. This internship process will also be competitive in nature. Girls will go through a rigorous application and interview process to be potentially selected for limited internship spots.
Application Requirements

•    Completed Application

•    One (1) Letter of Recommendation 

Please upload one personal letter of recommendation – church/youth group leader, family friend, etc., OR one professional – teacher, administrator, work supervisor, etc. 
Upload One Professional Letter of Recommendation Here - teacher, administrator, work supervisor, etc.
•    Proof of minimum 2.5 GPA (ex. school transcript, report card, etc.)

Upload Proof GPA Here
•    Personal Statement (1-2 page essay) Topic: Briefly state your educational and career goals and explain how they align with the objectives  of the Girl Talk Life Prep Academy.

 Upload Personal Statement Here
•    $50 Enrollment Fee (due upon acceptance into program) 
Application Deadline: May 31st
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