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This survey is anonymous and confidential (see our privacy statement) and should take approximately 9-12 minutes to complete. The questionnaire has approximately 23 questions that cover your sexual preferences and interests. Feel free to check it out, knowing that at any point you can discontinue without consequence. If you have any questions or comments about this survey please contact Dr. Zebroff at

You must be 18 to participate. By completing the survey you are agreeing to participate in furthering our understanding of human sexuality.

* This test works best on a desktop, laptop or tablet. 
This question requires a valid email address.
2. My gender is:
3. My sexual orientation is:
5. My relationship status is:
6. I have been in my relationship for:
6. I would rate the general satisfaction of my relationship as:
6. The race or ethnicity I identify with is:
7. The way I feel "close to" or "heard by" a lover is when:(When I share about my inner personal experience)
8. In preparing for my ideal sexual encounter, the thing that would most likely move me into an erotic mindset  (from my everyday mindset) would be: *This question is required.Sorry, only one choice! (Tip: Think about a peak sexual experience where you were able to feel the most turned-on)
9. Based on everything you know about your own sexuality, choose one of the following actions your lover could do to get you turned on and in the mood for sex.
  *This question is required.Sorry, only one! (Hint: Choose the one that is most ideal to get you aroused)
10. Imagine you are having sex with a lover. To feel fully engaged (turned-on) during sex, I would turn my attention to: *This question is required.
11. Imagine you are having sex with a lover.  To feel engaged (turned-on) during sex, I would want to include more: *This question is required.
12. Overall, to feel engaged (turned-on) during sex, I would want to be encouraged to: *This question is required.
13. Choose the top fantasy(s) that would be the biggest turn on to you. *This question is required.(Choose 2 answers. If you do not find exactly your fantasy, please choose the closest to your experience.)
14. When it comes to how I relate to others:(please mark which of the following you agree with)
Space Cell NeverRarelySometimesOftenAlways
I want to merge completely with another person
I find it relatively easy to get close to others
Often, love partners want me to be more intimate than I feel comfortable being
I find that I am “in tune” with other people’s moods
Talking with my partner about sex makes me feel uncomfortable
I value being playful
It is important to know how my partner is feeling about me
15. Over the past 4 weeks, how often did you feel sexual desire or interest?
16. Over the last year, how often have you had difficulty reaching orgasm (WITH a partner present)?
17. Over the last year, how often do you have difficulty getting enough lubrication (women) or maintaining an erection (men) before or during sex?
18. Imagine you are having sex with a partner and you are feeling close to orgasm.
Based on everything you know about your sexuality, describe what will bring you over the edge to orgasm. 
*This question is required.(If you have never had an orgasm, please respond to "Never Effective" for all answers)
Space Cell Never effectiveRarely effectiveOccasionally effectiveOften effectiveAlways effective
Moaning, screaming or expressing my pleasure
Holding tighter, pulling closer or pushing into my lover
Looking at or thinking about my lover's body (or part)
Focusing on how sexy I look or feel
Focusing on what my lover and I are sharing together
Mentally picturing something that turns me on -- fantasizing
Making eye-contact with my lover
Slowing down
Dominating my lover, directing them
Submitting or surrendering to my lover
Being held down or being restrained
Holding down or restraining
Doing something "new" that we don't normally do
Slapping, choking or hitting (in play)
Imagining my or my lover changes genders
Stopping thinking, letting my mind going blank
Thinking about how well my lover treats me or how committed they are
Kissing more often or more deeply
Listening to my lover moan, scream or express their pleasure
Talking dirty
Focusing on my sensation or pleasure
Focusing on how close (emotionally) I feel to my lover
Caressing, touching or feeling skin-on-skin
Telling my lover how much I love or care, or hearing them tell me
Relaxing or tensing my muscles
"Letting go" or opening up
Watching or thinking about my lover experiencing pleasure or orgasm
Being encouraged to have pleasure or to orgasm
Imagining myself having an orgasm or telling my partner I am about to orgasm
Envisioning or watching what we are doing
Keep going, doing the same thing we are doing
Please list anything else that helps you orgasm when you are sexual with a partner.
20. Overall, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory is your present sex life?
21. What turns me on to get sex started with my current partner is:
22. What turns me on to get sex started with previous partner(s) is:
23. What turns me on with a partner(s) compared with my preferred fantasy (porn/erotica) is:
24. Recall to the best of your ability the most recent orgasm you experienced during sex with a partner. This would include any sexual activity with your partner in which you had an orgasm while your partner was present.

To the best of your memory, how did you have this orgasm with your partner?
25. Rate each word as to how well that word describes your most recent orgasm experience through sex with a partner.Below is a list of words that might be used to describe the experience of orgasm. Different people may use different words to describe their personal experience, and so there is no "right" answer. * If you have never had an orgasm in this way please rate the words according to how you think orgasm experience through sex with a partner would feel.
Space Cell Does Not Describe It At All
1 2 3 4Describes It Perfectly
26. Would you be interested in taking a follow-up questionnaire? The benefits include: Being the first to receive a digital copy of the published results to see where you fit with others, as well as, furthering our understanding of eroticism.  (This would involve a one-time invitation to fill out a similar (shorter) survey in approximately 1 month)