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BNI Alberta South | Membership Application Form

Basic information

Please pay special attention to spelling as you enter the information below.
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8. Business Address *This question is required.
We will invite you to a Member-Only Facebook Group.
Please be prepared to accept a Facebook friend request from Moji Ajele, BNI Alberta South Executive Director.
We will connect with you on Linkedin
We call this BNI Member your BNI Sponsor. If it wasn't a BNI Member, please leave blank.
15. I have a Certificate of Credit from when I was a BNI Member in the past *This question is required.* The Certificate of Credit is issued via email to Members who resign their membership more than a month before their renewal date.
  Upon acceptance to the Chapter, please forward this Certificate of Credit to our Regional Office and you will be credited on your BNI Membership.
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