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OpenSnow General Survey March 2019

Thanks for using OpenSnow! The answers to the following survey are anonymous and will be used to help us understand our audience and to continue to improve our website and mobile apps.
1. About how many days will you ski during the 2018/2019 season?

How do you describe your skiing / snowboarding ability?


Where do you ski or snowboard? (multiple responses allowed)

4. Please answer the following about where you ski/snowboard:
Space Cell Southern CANorthern CAPacific NorthwestCO/Mountain StatesMidwest USNortheast USSouth/SE USEastern CanadaWestern CanadaEuropeJapanSouth AmericaOther
Which region do you live in?
If you travel, where do you primarily travel to ski/snowboard?

Did you purchase a season pass for the 2018/2019 season?

6. Which of the following season pass products did you purchase for the 2018/2019 season? (multiple responses allowed)
7. For next year's 2019/2020 season, how likely are you to purchase the following season pass products? (multiple responses)
Space Cell I will not purchase this passSomewhat likelyVery likelyI will purchase this pass
Epic Pass
Epic Local Pass
Ikon Pass
Ikon Base Pass
The Mountain Collective
Powder Alliance

Do you influence your friends about where and when to ski?

9. Do you read our 'Daily Snow' forecasts? If yes, which 'Daily Snow' forecasts do you read most frequently? (multiple responses allowed)
10. About how many times per season do you chase powder?
11. Did you take an overnight ski trip during the 2018/2019 season?
12. What is the #1 factor you consider when planning the destination for a major ski trip? (you’re planning ahead, not chasing powder)

When do you start to consider what the weather and snow conditions will be like during your trip?


What is your gender?

15. Are you married and do you have children?
Space Cell YesNo
16. What is your age?
17. What is your household income?
18. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
19. What other outdoor activities do you participate in during the summer months when skiing/snowboarding isn't possible? (multiple responses allowed)
20. Are you interested in receiving forecasts for other outdoor activities (hiking, biking, climbing, etc.) during the summer months?
21. How likely is it that you would recommend OpenSnow to a friend or even to a random stranger on the lift?
Space Cell 1-10 Star Rating
10 Stars = Most Likely