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L.E.A.Dership Institute Program 2021

L.E.A.Dership Institute Program

The Nevada Recreation & Park Society's LEAD Institute is a new annual leadership development program for early, mid-career and seasoned professionals. This three-year program will enhance individual organizational leadership skills, specifically addressing leadership styles, philosophies, and competencies. In addition, the program explores and introduces emerging approaches of integrating leadership development and personal growth. The course is designed to provide participatory and collaborative leadership and allows participants to learn from instructors and their fellow classmates. The intent is to prepare leaders with essential skills that will better prepare them for future challenges that requires strategic thinking, collaboration, systems thinking, and leading change.

Participants accepted into the LEAD Institute, must commit to all trainings, mentoring obligations, etc. for the entire 2021-2022 training year.  The 2022 NRPS Annual Conference will be held in Southern Nevada (in October) and graduating participants will be expected to attend.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to Kendal Kerbrat and/or Jordyn Wright at: or
7.  Please select your highest level of education completed: