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NW RISE Administrator and Teacher Professional Capital Survey Spring 2019


This administration of the Professional Capital Survey is part of NW RISE’s effort to help teachers and leaders cultivate and circulate professional capital in their schools and systems. The Professional Capital Survey, created by professors Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan, consists of survey items in a professional capital index. This index seeks to (1) assist teachers and school leaders to self-­assess the status of professional capital in their schools, and (2) deepen understanding of how and to what extent schools and educational systems develop and circulate professional capital.

This survey has 45 items (15 for each of the three dimensions of the professional capital index: human, social, and decisional capital). For each item you will be asked to indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with a short statement.

Although participating in this 15-minute survey is very important, your participation is voluntary. You may choose not to answer some or all of the questions and can stop participating at any time. Your confidential participation will benefit your district and NW RISE, by helping you and other education leaders reflect on professional capital in your district and across NW RISE. There are minimal risks to participation, and there will be no repercussions for you or your district if you choose not to participate.
Education Northwest is conducting the survey on behalf of NW RISE. Your responses are confidential. Education Northwest will not share your individual responses with anyone outside the Education Northwest support team for NW RISE, and neither Education Northwest nor NW RISE will list your name, contact information, school, or individual responses in any reports. Instead, all reports will summarize aggregate information at the district level or across all of NW RISE.
If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Nettie Legters: If you have any technical difficulties with the survey, please contact Rosie Santana:

© Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan

1. Have you attended an in-person convening?
2. Are you a member of a job-alike group?
4. What is your primary role? *This question is required.