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18-19 Regional P3 Workshops - Day 3

Day Three: Blending and Braiding. Designing Your Comprehensive, High-Quality P3 System

Thank you for participating in Day Three of the 2018-19 Regional P3 Workshops! We have designed this survey to be formative for us and for you. Your feedback on this survey will help us ensure that this professional learning opportunity is beneficial and productive, and help us plan future events.
Once you have submitted the survey, your clock hours for this session will be emailed to you. All responses to this survey will be kept confidential.
4. Day Three helped me think about the importance of focusing direction in our P3 work.
9. We covered eight elements of the PreK-3 Framework during the three days of workshops. Below, please choose areas (or an area) where you will be focusing your efforts.
10. Overall, Day Three of the Regional P3 Workshops