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Women in Theatre Leadership

Pop Culture and the American Theatre RSVP


Join us on Tuesday, March 26 at 7:00 pm at Lewis Center for the Arts in Princeton for a panel discussion featuring four of New Jersey’s female Artistic Directors:

  • Emily Mann, McCarter Theatre Center, Princeton
  • Bonnie Monte, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Madison
  • C. Ryanne Domingues, Passage Theatre, Trenton
  • Ari Laura Kreith, Luna Stage, West Orange

The panelists will share the arcs of their lives and work in theatre from their origin stories to breaking into the business and artistic leadership; talk about opportunities they’ve grasped or created for themselves, and obstacles and challenges they’ve faced; discuss concerns of the present moment in the American Theatre, from equity and inclusion initiatives to the #metoo movement; and they’ll offer thoughts on strategies for transformative change and leadership in the twenty-first century, as well as reflect on their artistic goals and legacies.

The discussion will be moderated by Paula Alekson, Artistic Engagement Manager at McCarter Theatre Center, and will be opened to audience questions and comment.

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