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IPMI Supplier Industry Snapshot Survey 2019


IPMI Data Analytics – Survey of Suppliers/Technology Providers:

Your time and thoughtful responses to this survey will help define the size, scale, and impact of the parking and mobility industry.

The ability to collect data on an industry-wide basis is one of the most important contributions an association can make to its membership. Access to that data is a valuable member benefit.

The results of this survey are confidential and will only be shared as aggregated data with no reference to participating companies.

Only one person from your company should submit this survey to avoid duplication of data.

If you have questions about this survey, contact Helen Sullivan,
1. Contact Information: 
(Confidential--only to be used if clarification of your answers is needed and to ensure companies do not submit duplicate data.)
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Are you a member of the International Parking & Mobility Institute? *This question is required.
5. Select the type of supplier that most closely matches your company. Select all that apply. If none of the categories represent a good fit, select "Other."
6. Approximately how many full-time employees work in your organization (related to parking, transportation, and mobility products and services)? Include both office and field workers. If you employ part-time employees, count their efforts toward FTE status (for example: 2 half-time workers = 1 full-timeworker).
7. Please estimate the percentages of your clients by sector: (For instance, indicate if 10% of your clients are airports, 30% universities, etc.)
0 out of 100 Total
8. Overall, in terms of revenue, how would you describe your business growth in 2018? Check the statement that is most accurate.
9. Overall, how would you describe the business environment for your organization in 2019 over 2018?
10. How much was your gross annual revenue related to parking, transportation & mobility technologies and services in 2019 and what are your projections for 2019? If fiscal year, use 2018 for last year and 2019 for current year. (For Canada, enter this number in your local currency).
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