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St. Luke Survey

St. Luke Vision/Mission Survey

St. Luke Vision/Mission Survey

Thank you for your feedback regarding St. Luke’s identity. Below are ten qualities that emerged as things that we as a congregation value highly about St. Luke, and want to maintain as major parts of the vision and mission of St. Luke as we go forward. 

The question for our vision and mission is: which of these things is God calling us to focus on in the next 3-5 years? Please review the list and select five items you feel need attention in the near future.

Then if you like, please share what St. Luke should continue doing in that area, what we should stop doing, and what we should start doing. This part is optional but informative.

Note: If you don't check an area, it doesn't mean that it is not of value to you. Rather, it means that the five areas you do check should be our priority for attention, time, and resources moving forward.

Thank you for taking the survey!
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