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Take-Away Environmental Return System Order Form

Thank you for your interest in the TakeAway Environmental Return System envelopes available from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The TakeAway Environmental Return System is a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope that allows people to mail their unwanted drugs through the U.S. Postal Service to a licensed, secure facility for safe destruction. People fill the nondescript envelope, seal it with the provided tamper-evident seal, and drop it in the mail. This system meets DEA requirements.

A limited supply of these envelopes are available free of charge to Wisconsin organizations that serve individuals who receive prescription medications. Envelopes are available in quantities of 25. Agencies can order up to 100 envelopes total. Complete and submit this form to place an order.  

If you encounter problems while completing this form or submitting your order, contact Christy Niemuth.
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3. Are you a substance abuse prevention coalition or is your agency working with a substance abuse prevention coalition or task force on prescription drug prevention efforts?