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BECC workshops 2020

Abstract submission for workshops. The submission due date is May 11, 2020.

This site is for workshop submissions only. 

Behavior, Energy & Climate Change (BECC) is the premier conference focused on understanding human behavior and decision making and applying that knowledge to accelerate our transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future. BECC brings together policymakers, utilities, other energy service providers, researchers, organizations, and businesses focused on energy and behavior to advance knowledge and actionable climate solutions.  BECC is co-convened by UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Mitigating climate change is a more pressing challenge than ever before, and significant leaps in systems and behaviors are urgently needed. For more than a decade, BECC has presented behavioral research into how people and organizations can be nudged to make these changes. This year’s theme, From Nudge to Leap, reflects our goal of scaling up this research to amplify its impact. We accept workshops on a wide range of topics but give priority to those that reflect this theme.

BECC invites you to submit your workshop ideas. We are particularly looking for workshops that will teach skills. If you wish to discuss literature or to present research, please consider submitting an application for a presentation, poster or panel during the conference itself.