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UEDA 2019 Application Portal

Introduction + Instructions

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submit by July 1, 2019

Welcome to the UEDA 2019 Application Portal. This portal should be used for the official submission of all content relative to the UEDA Summit. This includes the Awards of Excellence, Summit Call for Workshops + Presentations, and Lightning Rounds. 

2019 Summit Theme
Designing Resilient Regions: The Biggest Little Ideas for ALL Ecosystems

Resilience is emerging as a concept and a practice to help individuals, communities, cities, and regions not only withstand chronic and acute shocks but to emerge from them stronger and in a better place.  The idea of resilience is often deeply ingrained in individuals and their families and in immediate communities.  However, scaling up resilient practices to ensure that an entire region can respond, recover, and grow from systemic shocks is relatively new.  Moreover, while many communities have a variety of plans around disaster recovery, economic development, and social services, many have not fully and successfully integrated colleges and universities and their numerous programs addressing resilience issues (e.g., sustainability, economics, health, etc.).  By focusing on real-world practices and collaborations between higher education institutions and their partners, the 2019 UEDA Summit will explore the topic and highlight manageable, scalable and impactful programs and projects that can be implemented by regions across the globe. Often the biggest little idea can grow to make a catalytic shift.

We strongly encourage you to download the appropriate worksheet in order to complete required content using a Word document and then pasting into the form(s) that follow. The worksheets for this portal are below:

Call for Workshops and Presentations Worksheet (includes Lightning Round)
Awards of Excellence Nomination Worksheet

You may submit as many applications as you would like.  However, if you are proposing duplicate content in several areas, please indicate accordingly in the final question of each application. If you have any questions, please contact UEDA at
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