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Community Schools Census

The Coalition for Community Schools' vision is to see schools become centers of flourishing communities where everyone belongs, works together and thrives. Community Schools are the key strategy for unifying existing relationships and resources to advance positive outcomes for youth, families, and communities. With our goal to reach 25,000 community schools by 2025, the Coalition is reaching out to determine a baseline number of community schools.

We encourage all schools to utilize the National Community School Site Standards. However, knowing community schools progress through stages of development we learned from our local professionals that these three elements: "Coordinating Infrastructure, Collaborative Leadership and Planning" are what sets community schools apart from traditional public schools. As part of this census, we would also like to know which stage of development you are in.

Please take five minutes to complete the information below.

1. School Contact Information
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As the person completing this form, what is your role or title at the community school?
What grades do you have in your school? Please check all that applies:
Please check one box from the below environments your school is located in:
2. Coordinating Infrastructure: Facilitates coordination of school and community resources.
3. Collaborative Leadership: Nurtures shared ownership and shared accountability.
4. Planning: Incorporates the assets and needs of school, family, and community in the School Improvement Plan.
5. Overall, what Stage of Development would you say your community school is currently operating in?
6. Which Coalition for Community Schools indicators does your school anticipate focusing on?