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2019 IBM z/OS Product Documentation Survey

Tell us about your experience using the z/OS product documentation. We will use your feedback to make improvements.

Thank you!

1. What are your one or two preferred resource methods for each of the following experiences?
Space Cell ReadingListeningWatchingDoingAsking
Discover, Try, Buy
Getting started
Everyday Use
Manage and Upgrade
Leverage and Extend
2. How likely are you to recommend the z/OS product documentation to a colleague?
Not at all likelyExtremely likely
4. How do you rate the quality of the following features of the z/OS product documentation?
Space Cell Very goodGoodNeutralPoorVery poorNA
Technical Accuracy
Linking cross book / topic
5. Indicate your agreement with the following statements.
Space Cell Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeNA
Out of Service Products
For old, out of service product documentation, it is acceptable to replace IBM Knowledge Center hosted content with downloadable Adobe Indexed PDF collections.
Single Information Portal
I would use a single information portal where I can subscribe to and manage subscriptions for IBM product related information
6. Rate your level of expectancy for the following Knowledge Center requirements.
Space Cell I need itI want itNeutralNA
Direct Download
Ability to select and download a subset of IBM Knowledge Center content for use in a local KC4z repository
Subscription Updates
Ability to subscribe to downloadable IBM Knowledge Center content and receive automatic updates to local KC4z repositories
PDF Downloads
Ability to download a PDF of the corresponding book from any page in the online IBM Knowledge Center
Search Improvements
A search capability that automatically scopes to the book that contains the displayed page (context sensitive search scope)
Search by Platform
Ability to search online IBM Knowledge Center content by platform (e.g. all of IBM Z)
7. What is your primary role?
8. How many years of experience do you have on IBM Z?
9. May we follow up with you regarding your responses to this survey?