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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1001 Quiz 3

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. A user calls the help desk stating that the touchpad on a laptop does not work. Which of the following actions would BEST help the technician diagnose the problem?
2. After arriving in a new city today, a traveling sales team member calls you stating that his wireless connection no longer works. He has checked the wireless configuration, and he knows it to be correct because it was working yesterday. What should you do first?
3. A user in the sales department cannot get his laptop to display through a projector. He sees the screen output on the built-in display, but the video is not being seen on the projector. Which of the following steps would be BEST to try first?
4. Which of the following protocols do email clients use to download messages from a remote mail server?
5. You want to use your Windows workstation to browse the websites on the internet. You use a broadband DSL connection to access the internet. Which network protocol must be installed on your workstation to do this?
6. Which of the following protocols is non-routable and requires another protocol to enable internetwork communications?

7. A company has subscribed to a cloud service that offers cloud applications and storage space. Through acquisition, the number of company employees quickly doubled. The cloud service vendor was able to add cloud services to these additional employees without requiring hardware changes.

Which of the following cloud concepts does this represent?

8. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are some of the most widely used cloud storage solutions for enterprises. Which of the following factors prompt companies to take advantage of cloud storage? (Choose two)
9. When you print from your laser printer, the paper contains faint images from previous printouts. Which of the following components is MOST likely the cause? (Choose two)
10. After receiving several complaints from the employees in your company, you start to troubleshoot a laser printer. After a short while, you have concluded that the most probable cause is a dirty drum.

Which of the following is the MOST logical reasons for this conclusion?
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