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Working Families Party 2020 Local Candidate Questionnaire


America and Americans face enormous challenges.

Rising economic inequality.  The barriers to a decent life created by structural racism. Climate change.  An oligarchic political system where all too often, big money calls the shots. And all of this was before the election of Donald Trump, who is making all these problems worse.

We believe Americans are hungry for bold leadership. But it requires elected political leaders who put forward a vision of change, and energized people to prod them forward. The Working Families Party believes in fighting for an economy and a society in which all people can thrive. That means creating good jobs at decent wages. Investing in public goods, from schools to roads and bridges to water systems to parks. Defending the rights and safety of all people, including immigrants and people of color. The actions of our elected officials can transform people’s lives.

The Working Families Party was formed in 1998 by a coalition of community and labor organizations, grassroots activists and progressive elected officials who believe that working families need a party of our own to stand up and fight for us -- to fight against the power of corporations and the wealthy in our democracy and in both major political parties.  We are an independent, people-driven political party fighting for a nation that works for the many, not just the powerful few.

In 2019 and 2020, the WFP is looking to support progressive candidates who will fight for bold and concrete proposals to improve the lives of all families in America. If this describes you, please fill out the candidate questionnaire below and tell us why you should receive our endorsement.