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Monterey Bay Community Power Buy Local EV Incentive Application


Thank you for your interest in Monterey Bay Community Power's Buy Local Electric Vehicle Incentive program.

To start your application please indicate the type of certificate you are applying for below

If at any time you have a question about the Buy Local Incentive or your application, please contact the Monterey Bay Community Power customer service line at 1-888-909-MBCP (6227).

In order to complete your application, please have the following documentation available:
  • 10 digit PG&E account number
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (for business, public agency, education or nonprofit organizations)
  • Digital copies of the following documentation
    • Proof of residency (For individual applicants, if your name is not listed on your MBCP account, a copy of your CA Driver's license, Vehicle Registration or other proof of residency accepted for state ID's as noted at
    • Proof of accreditation (For Educational Institution applicants)
    • Proof of nonprofit Status (for nonprofit organizations)
What type of Buy Local EV Incentive are you applying for? *This question is required.