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Community Care Inform - topic areas

What issues are you finding especially challenging with the children and families you’re working with at the moment? What topics are you seeking guidance and research on? We’re planning CC Inform Children’s publishing schedule. To ensure we produce the resources you need, please complete this quick questionnaire.

The survey is anonymous; telling us where you work is optional.
1. Please choose up to five areas from the list below that you’d like to see covered on CC Inform. Put them in the order that’s most important to you, with number 1 being the area you’re most interested in.
If you're completing this on your mobile, the first topic you click on will be ranked number 1, second click number 2 and so on. You can scroll through all the topics before selecting any.
We haven’t listed topics that are currently covered in depth on the site. If there’s something additional or specific you’d like to find on existing topics, you can tell us in question 4.
*This question is required. Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.