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The Leadership Incubator: Application

The Leadership Incubator, a partnership between TRESemmé and Vital Voices

Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Incubator, an exciting new partnership between TRESemmé and Vital Voices to provide women in the United States with training, investment, mentoring and community to bring their bold vision for change to life. For over 20 years, Vital Voices has partnered with thousands of women leaders worldwide to deepen their impact, build leadership skills and accelerate change on a global scale. Together with TRESemmé, we aim to champion passionate women leaders who want to create a positive social impact in their communities and beyond, daring to achieve their ambitions despite the barriers they may face.

How it works: This one-year incubator program brings together women leaders from across the US with innovative solutions to pressing local problems and the passion to bring them to life, in order to build more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive communities, workplaces and culture. Participants will attend a week-long in-person program featuring leadership training, communications and storytelling workshops, community building and mentoring. Custom virtual training throughout the year will allow participants to build upon their action plan with the tools they need to turn their idea into reality. Participants will also be able to apply for small seed funding opportunities to help implement their projects.

Who this is for: The Leadership Incubator supports women and those who identify as female (target ages 20-35) who are in the United States and are at an early stage or tipping point in their leadership journey for social good. We encourage applications from women who are committed to making a difference in their community and/or industry, creatively pursuing social impact, elevating the voices of and opportunities for others, and paying it forward. Please read the full eligibility criteria on the next page.

To complete the application: This application should take between 45-60 minutes to complete. You will see some open questions that ask you to reflect and write sentences or paragraphs. These responses have a word limit because the substance of your response is more important than the length. Answers are required unless otherwise noted as optional. Please complete this application in full in order to apply.

All applications must be submitted electronically through this site by July 8, 2019.

Technical notes: You will be able to save your answers and return later by following the instructions to save at the top of each page. If you save your progress to complete later and do not receive an email with your link from SurveyGimzo, please check your spam folder. We highly recommending using a computer to complete this application.

If you encounter any problems with the survey, please contact Emily Goodman at

Thank you!

Vital Voices & TRESemm