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Red River Watershed Education & Research Center 2019 Survey

The International Water Institute and River Keepers are exploring the feasibility of a comprehensive facility in our region which will provide opportunities for applied watershed research, watershed education, outdoor recreation, shared office and gathering space.

Please consider taking the following survey which will take you less than 5 minutes to complete in order to assist in our decision-making.  All answers to the survey will be anonymous and provided in aggregate to our organizations.  Thank you in advance for your time!
1. An understanding and appreciation of the river and watershed is important for our communities and our citizens.
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
2. Given the Red River of the North is our primary drinking water source, how important is establishing a Watershed Education & Research Center dedicated to support applied watershed education, water stewardship and an understanding of the Red River of the North Basin and it's communities?
3. Do you personally think the idea of a shared Education and Research Center for the purposes of applied watershed research and basin education, and river recreation is important for our community?
4. From the following list, please check as many options as appropriate.  Which are the following reasons you or your organization might use this proposed Watershed Education and Research Center?
5. Of the potential uses for a Watershed Education and Research Center, which do you believe are most important?  Please choose as many as appropriate. *This question is required.
7. What would you consider the best location for Watershed Education and Research Center?  Choose as many locations as you like.
8. Do you think the region will financially support a Watershed Education & Research Center? *This question is required.
9. If you believe the region will financially support a Watershed Education and Research Center, what do you think is the best method to fund the creation and operations of the Center?  Choose as many answers as appropriate.
10. What best describes your current involvement with either one or both organizations?  Check all boxes that apply to your involvement.
11. What is your location?
12. What is your age bracket?