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Transform Tomorrow - General Survey

Imagine the year 2045 - what will Sarasota and Manatee roads look like? How will we get around? What transportation choices will be available for the next generation?

The Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan will address future road, transit, passenger rail, freight, bicycle and pedestrian needs for the region. The results of this survey will help us understand the public’s transportation concerns, needs, and desires. It will also help us understand attitudes toward potential solutions, and how those solutions should be prioritized.

The information you provide will be compiled and summarized. Personal identifying information will not be sold or shared. The survey should take 5 - 10 minutes of your time to complete. We thank you for assisting us with identifying these issues and enabling us to direct resources to solve these needs.
1. What is your primary mode of transportation?
2. Your primary mode of transportation is mostly determined by:
3. How important are transportation issues to you and your family?
4. In the last six months, have any household members missed any of the following due to a lack of transportation?  (Select all that apply)
5. During the last 30 days, did you: