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Vitamins & HG


Completing this survey helps us determine the usage and impact of vitamin supplementation during HG. We know that vitamin deficiencies cause symptoms common to HG like nausea, vomiting, weight loss, confusion, weakness, etc. If untreated, they can result in severe, potentially life-threatening complications. Some health issues and medications increase the risk of vitamin deficiencies. We will review your history and see if you have risks and symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, and see if you improve with supplementation. If possible, please retake this survey within 2 days of receiving vitamin supplementation.

You must be pregnant in order to complete this study.

Key Information: 
  • Estimated completion time is ~10 minutes. 
  • A friend/family member can enter your answers.
  • You can save your answers and finish later.
  • You will be emailed your results. 
  • Retaking the survey is helpful.
  • Your email address will not be shared.
You will be asked a series of easy questions to standardize the research, then questions about 1) your pregnancy, 2) symptoms, and 3) and treatments. Completing all required questions is necessary for research publication. Additional questions help our study greatly. Thank you for your time!

Recommendations: If you may be vitamin B1/thiamin deficient, 100 mg IV is crucial with every bag of fluids, especially if you receive glucose. If IV thiamin is not an option, taking oral thiamin (50 mg) 3-5 times per day is crucial for at least 3-6 weeks, or until you are eating a good diet.

​NOTE: All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential and only used by researchers at the HER Foundation and their research partners.

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2. Do you have HG currently in this pregnancy? *This question is required.HG is nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that
  • makes normal activities difficult
  • reduces eating and/or drinking 
  • may cause weight loss over 5%
  • requires medical care other than a routine doctor visit, such as 
    IV fluids, prescription (Rx) medications, tube/IV nutrition
3. Have you already submitted research data such as your race and education level for a different day of this pregnancy? *This question is required.