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Standard Pre-Consultation


Thank you very much for participating in the initial stakeholder consultation on the Bonsucro Production Standard. The responses provided form the initial basis on what the Standard Revision Working Group will focus on during the period of the Standard Revision.  All comments will be published online (anonymised) and we will provide an answer to comments.  
Standard Revision:  
The Bonsucro Production Standard is at the heart of everything Bonsucro does. It sets Bonsucro's definition of what sustainable cane production should look like.  Bonsucro wants to evolve the Standard to be the most robust, credible and comprehensive! We want to maximise the impact the Standard has and also maximise the value-add to the producers who comply with it. For this process, it is essential that we capture all stakeholders’ views into the revision process.  

Since the last revision of the Standard, in 2014, the field of sustainability has evolved a great deal. We have gained more of an understanding of what are the issues present in sugarcane, and what can be achieved with certification. The objective of this Standard revision is to capture the latest information and priorities to bring into the field of certification. 

History of the Standard:

The Bonsucro Production Standard is the first ever metric based Standard which measures the impact of the sustainable production of sugarcane.  Launched in 2011, the first operator received the certification this same year. Currently, we have certified over 100 operators in 14 countries and over 4% of the land under cane in the world. 

The consultation will be divided into 4 parts: 
  • Focus of the Standard  (structure, how it looks to implement change, etc)
  • Strengthening / Introducing new requirements to the Standard
  • Review of all existing indicators
  • Free text to express thoughts on what to include in the Bonsucro Production Standard.  

This easy survey will take approximately around 20 minutes to complete.  Unfortunately, there isn't the function to save and continue later.   By clearly identifying your name you can submit a partial answer and then submit a new survey carrying on where you left off last time. Alternatively, you can also fill out the survey via the provided word document.  - find here

Whilst it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Bonsucro Production Standard and Guidance before you undertake this survey, the survey is accessible to all stakeholders with an interest in Bonsucro.

Start Date of Survey:  12/04/2019
Close date of the survey:   17/05/2019

 Please note that this revision is only on the Bonsucro Production Standard and not, on the Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers. Once the revision for the Production Standard is complete, we will begin to work on the revision on the Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nahuel Tunon on