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Euro 2020 Fan Insight

1. Has the UEFA Nations League been...?
2. Does the UEFA Nations League make you more interested in UEFA EURO 2020?
3. Please rank your excitement level (or what you expect it to be) about UEFA EURO 2020 at these different times... (rank from 1 to 5, where 1=not very excited all/5=extremely excited)
Space Cell 12345
During the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifiers
When my team qualifies for UEFA EURO 2020
During the UEFA Nations League Finals
When the UEFA EURO 2020 draw is made
4-6 weeks before UEFA EURO 2020 starts
During UEFA EURO 2020
4. The tournament will be held in 12 host cities for the first time in the competition's history. Is it good to have more than one host country?
5. Does UEFA EURO 2020 being in 12 host cities make you...?
6. How does UEFA EURO 2020 compare to the FIFA World Cup?
7. How much of UEFA EURO 2020 will you watch?
8. How will you watch UEFA EURO 2020 games?
9. Which of these things are most important during UEFA EURO 2020?
10. Which of these is your primary method for keeping up to date with a major tournament?
11. Which sponsors do you associate with UEFA EURO 2020?