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Knee bracing and footwear for medial knee arthritis

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The primary aim of this study is to investigate the effect of wearing an Ossür Unloader One knee brace and certain foootwear types on joint loading in people with knee osteoarthritis. This is important as higher knee joint loads are associated with disease progression in those with osteoarthritis. In particular, we are interested in people with osteoarthritis in the inner knee compartment and outward knee alignment. This study is being conducted by Dr. Michelle Hall, Prof. Rana Hinman, Dr. Kade Paterson, Dr. David Saxby and Mr. Scott Starkey. 

Eligible participants will be required to undergo imaging of their knee and attend the Department of Physiotherapy Human Movement lab at the University of Melbourne for walking, strength and functional assessments. They will then have a knee brace fitted and wear the knee brace every day for 8 weeks, then attend a follow-up lab assessment. During the initial assessment, participants will also be asked to perform a walking task in different types of footwear.

To compensate participants for their time and effort in wearing the knee brace and completing our questionnaires, you will receive your knee brace to keep after conclusion of the study.

To register your interest for this study, please complete the following questions and press SUBMIT. If you are deemed eligible, you will be contacted by one of the researchers in the next few days to start the next stage of the screening process.

To find out more about the study you can download the full study details here. Or you can read this information once you know if you're suitable to take part.
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