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Curriculum Leader Application - 2019

1. Contact Information
4. Based on the job descriptions and expectations for this year's curriculum initiative (described in question 2), please outline 5 specific goals you would want to accomplish in your year as a curriculum leader. Your goals should reflect any combination of contributions you would like to make across the four need areas, and they should be as specific as possible (for example, if you'd like to work on differentiation, you should include goals that reference specific lessons or modules for which you'd like to create modifications). *This question is required.
6. Supplementary material. 

Curriculum leaders must have a solid understanding of what already exists in the JEA curriculum and areas for improvement.

To demonstrate this, please upload a document listing the titles and direct link (URL) of the 20 “must have” lessons from the JEA curriculum you would use in your own classrooms. This exercise will help you become more familiar with the curriculum as you apply to become a leader. Include the following information to demonstrate your familiarity with the curriculum.
  1. Please arrange these lessons in the sequence you would use them. You can tailor this document to the kind of courses you teach (e.g. either a journalism class, publications class, yearbook class, etc.). The point of this document is to create a type of “scope and sequence” curriculum map that shows how you would connect the resources within the curriculum to a specific class setting and to help you become more familiar with all the curriculum areas.
  2. Please indicate which of these lessons you feel are appropriate to different levels based on your experience (ELL, gifted and talented, special education, or middle), or which could be easily modified for different levels.
  3. Please indicate which of these lessons could benefit from the addition of student examples or which need updated examples.

  *This question is required.